Hope Alive Is

Below are thoughts and feelings about Hope Alive that were compiled by one of Hope Alive’s counseling interns, Sara Clagg.

Hope Alive…

…is the rekindling of hope that was lost through a set of traumatic circumstances; it’s bringing hope back to life.

…is a faith based help, where I come and lay down my grief without judgment, receive love and compassion, and leave with hope for my future.
…is an oasis for struggling people to find hope and strength for their journey forward.
…is a place I am truly blessed to be a small part of; watching and seeing while it works with God to bring hope, encouragement, and healing to His broken-hearted people.
…is a caring, loving, family-like, non-judgmental place to go to; it feels like home there.
…was an opportunity for me to touch lives, and my time there ended with my life being touched in so many ways!!
…is a community resource offering real help to those whose lives are in turmoil and have no other place to turn to for the help they desperately need.
…is a turning point for those in most need and it comes with compassion and love.
…is the last stop before freedom for so many.
…is a wonderful ministry to so many that would have no place to go; the name Hope Alive is so perfect.
…is a place that gives me the opportunity to bring hope and encouragement with Christ-like love to emotionally hurting people.
…is a place where I feel safe sharing my feelings and learning more about myself.
…is a place that is committed to helping women find success in their lives and that God can be freely shared with women to build confidence, healthy self-concepts, and contribute to the holistic healing of the woman’s mind, heart, and soul.
…is a beacon of God’s light in a world often plagued by darkness; it is a place filled with love, patience, acceptance, kindness, humor, recovery, progress, and above all, HOPE!

****This is a compilation of heartfelt thoughts from: clients, staff, community supporters, interns, and board members. THANKS to everyone that shared their experiences, and to everyone that makes Hope Alive the haven of hope that it is to so many***