Sustaining Ministry Partners

Champions of Hope

Champions of Hope, through their love of Jesus, provide consistent financial support to our ministry, driving lasting, holistic change for those in need every month.

Make Exponential Impact

Your monthly donations amplify a sustained impact, aiding woman and their families to break free from pain. With your support and the hope of Jesus, we’re crafting a legacy of love, resilience and well-being for generations.

Promote Stewardship

Your monthly donations offer steady funding, enabling the ministry to efficiently plan and dedicate more time to directly serve those in need.

Embody the Mission

Supporting Hope Alive monthly isn’t just a donation; it’s showing those in the shadows their worth and God’s love, connecting them with a caring community. It’s embodying Christ-like love and our mission.

By becoming a Champion of Hope, you are bringing hope to the hopeless and sharing the love of Jesus with the brokenhearted.


We truly can’t accomplish this mission without you!